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Race Night Results

The results of the inaugural Dove Holes CC Race Night were as follows:

Race 1: Pasture’s New Preamble

Sponsored by: Dave Wall

Owner: S Gabbott

Name: Wanna Rattler 3-1

Race 2: Groundsman’s Golden Gallop

Sponsored by: Andrew Gould

Owner: J Cartledge

Name: Digbys Day 2-1

Race 3: Builder Merchants Bustle

Sponsored by: Markovitz Limited

Owner: C Storer

Name: One For The Road 4-1

Race 4: Cream Cake Canter

Sponsored by: Highcroft Catering

Owner: B Coleman

Name: Everton 7-1

Race 5: The Tidser Trot

Sponsored by: L.D. & A Tideswell

Owner: S Ball

Name: The Don 2-1

Race 6: Sponsored Sawdust Stakes

Sponsored by: Mark Vernon

Owner: M Baldwin

Name: The Don 3-1

Race 7: Horseshoe Hooves Handicap

Sponsored by: David Moore

Owner: C Hartle

Name: Red Rum 2-1

Race 8: Tyre Centre Chase

Sponsored by: Dove Tyre & Exhaust Centre

Owner: W Collins

Name: Mo Salah 4-1

Thanks to all helpers, attendees & sponsors for you support.

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