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League Update

Following the updated ECB guidelines for the return of recreational cricket the league has issued the statement below:


Dear all, Firstly, I hope you are all well and now raring to go with the new season. Attached below are the ECB guidelines for starting cricket this month. I strongly recommend you read these items and implement them at your club and ground BEFORE playing any cricket. To give you time to do this we are not starting competitive cricket until 25th JULY 2020. However, if you implement these matters earlier that does not prevent you from holding friendlies prior to this date, and it may be a good idea so that you can see if and how the changes work for you.

Many of you wanted competitive cricket rather than all friendlies. Unlike other leagues we have decided on competitive cricket throughout senior cricket details as follows.:- Commence 25th July 2020 All 40 over per side matches. Start date 1pm JJ will be allocating as many umpires as he can. First Division (Leagues 1 and 2) Divisions to remain the same but only playing teams once. The fixtures are being sorted this weekend but will be similar to the first half of the originally planned season. Winners of each division to receive a one off trophy, names to be decided. Second Division As you are aware there are less second teams, we have only 12. These are to be divided into 2 divisions of 6 based on  a rough regional basis. After playing their 5 games the winner of one division will play the runner up of the other division, and vice versa. Winners of these games will play in a final and receive a one off trophy as well.

In the meantime, I would expect all 2nd teams NOT involved in the play offs, and some teams who can arrange occasional second teams, to play friendlies. The Bissenden and Hawke are to be 20/20 games and played on Sundays- we need to keep mid-week for juniors to play. 

If you wish to Participate in the Bissenden or Hawke, bearing in mind the games will be Sunday, please get in touch ASAP. Otherthan cup matches, Conor is trying to get all the fixtures organised and available for early next week when they will be added to Playcricket. I understand that the above won't suit everybody but these are unusual times, and unusual measures are required. There will be further updates re junior cricket early next week. Please enjoy the season Mike Stansfield Honorary Secretary of the Derbyshire and Cheshire Cricket League

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