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AGM 2019 | Round Up

Dove Holes CC are delighted to announce our captains for 2019. We have two new captains this year as players of the year Jack Gregory & Rob Hawkes take over the reigns.

1st Team Captain Jack Gregory

1st Team Vice Captain Sean Critchlow

2nd Team Captain Rob Hawkes

2nd Team Vice Captain Jonty Norton

Thanks to outgoing captains Dave Cartledge & Pete Johnson for all of your efforts and good luck to our new captains!

2018 Season Review – Report of Chairperson, Vice Chairman and President

What a summer we have enjoyed, weeks of endless sunshine and record temperatures, the cricket ground and facilities have never looked so good in our long history.

We have continued to reinvest our hard earned capital into the facilities and equipment for the club drag on nets , boundary rope , improved toilet and showering facilities , new bar , alarm and smoke detectors , outside lighting , garage door and a high tech eco friendly pitch mower to name but a few.

The improved facilities have enabled us to host a Junior County game, district games , league finals , school games and used for a centre for a district school competition. The new BBQ, provided with a grant from the ECB, proving to be hit at all the events and generating some income. The wickets and ground playing superbly throughout, thank s to the continued hard work of Andy.

The pavilion has been used for several club social events, quizzes, private functions and our first ever Charity event, in partnership with Street Crane, where we have received complementary comments on the quality of our facilities available. Successful Christmas and New Year opening of the club showed another opportunity to utilise our facility and benefit from in the future

The provision of the club for the football team after their home games has also proved very successful continuing to bring in revenue in the closed season.

All these achievements are down to the hard work and commitment of all members; remember we are all volunteers, giving up endless hours to achieve these tremendous outcomes. Please bear this in mind and give a little help when it is requested.

On the field the league has faced the problem of the falling number of players and umpires. We as a club have, however, fielded full teams for every fixture we played and we also supplied a league umpire. We also fielded a junior team in the under 15 year group and ran the ECB all stars scheme; we are one of the only clubs to always provide a scorer for each match and frequently for both sides!

The First team finished 6th, after a promising start sadly the season tailed off again and the Second team finished 3rd after a great run of wins, both teams will have new captains next season , good luck and thank you to Dave and Peter for both of your efforts , your support and experience will be needed in the new season.

Individual performances are below

1036 runs Jack Gregory , 685 Tom Forder ,Rob Hawkes 531, Reece Johnson 404

Sean Critchlow 44 wickets, Dan Waterhouse 40, Dave Cartledge, 33 Kieran Collins 29

The players of the season went to Jack Gregory and jointly to Rob Hawkes and Ben Bagshaw, all well deserved. The clubman of the year award is yet to be announced …..

The treasurer will present his own report, but the financial turnover of this club is staggering, thanks to Paul for keeping everything in order.

Again thank you for the superb Teas provided for the teams and for the many events, again more help is always needed and gratefully accepted. Big thanks also to the Monday gang, who continue to work away in the background, often unseen, but their work is much appreciated.

Thank you to all for your hard work and commitment, but more importantly keep on enjoying the game and the facilities we have built for ourselves.

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