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Match Report | Dove Double

First Team Carters double headed coin did dove proud as we elected to bat on what looked similar to a6 however the usual reliable jones and vernon partnership left dove at 2-3 for the 2nd week running. Linford cartledge provided a deep foundation for us whilst grego continued batting in swashbuckling style from mottram. A change of bowling resulted in the local traffic management system being tested as gregory tonked kay onto the a6 which narrowly avoided a range rover, members last saw the a6 get a peppering in 1996. Gregory fell for 93 as dove briefly stumbled as woodley plugged the cut shot for the hungover forder. Bren give the innings a lift with a sharp 20 which got the crowd excited before exiting stage left. Keith followed and was run out running a 3rd and narrowly avoided oxygen on departure. All rounder dedmond walker tucked in to the bowling with his power and pace game putting the visitors the sword assisted by forder with a dogged 51*. Chasing 250 in front of strong home support Gary pickin threatened to roll back the years with a few quick fire boundaries. Howard webb also looked lively before the deadly critchlow found his rythm with a quick double wicket salvo which soon turned into a treble as turners 25 runs ( assisted bh t forder) ran dry as woodley went from 75-2 to 75-4 when the evergreen skipper struck after one to many sweep shots. A bad half a hour for woodley followed as dove built up a thurst for perotti, 8 and 9 restored some pride with carter being hit to sparrowpit roundabout consecutively. the reluctant cartledge gained revenge with another lbw before specialist wicketkeeper jones pulled of a runout as 10 and jack batted out a barrage of beamers as the enforced change bowler and field setter jack gregory bowled no11 sending the dove faithfull wild, the scenes continued past midnight as the clubs women members enjoyed a prosseco filled evening. Second Team Dove attended one of the tougher places in the league, Woodley. Tough due to the second team always being there or there about when it comes to winning the league. A large home crowd on the drinking terraces was also going to make this an uncomfortable match. Dove won the toss and elected to bowl. Theron Niles made his second team debut and showed glimpses of the promise with some good balls beating the outside edge at pace what will make him a dangerous proposition for batsman as the season goes on. Woodley started well and Qasim who is rated as one of the best batsman in the league wasted no time getting to 35. But his decision to leave a ball to the ever accurate Dan Waterhouse saw his off stub bail fly and Dove had the all important break through. Corey Flint then came on at the other end and between them tightened the screw on Woodley. With flint and Waterhouse taking a combined 6 wickets. They were backed up by two direct hits in the field by Reece Johnson and Rob Hawkes that led to 2 excellent run outs. Reece and Jonty Norton kept the pressure on and Reece tidied up the innings with 2 wickets. The pace and swing attack had done such a good job the unfortunate Kieren Collins who took 4 wickets last week didn’t bowl. But he will certainly be needed over the upcoming games. A good effort by Dove to limit Woodley to 121 in the sunny conditions. After another splendid tea Rob Hawkes and the surprise opener Rob Jones went to the crease. There were no fireworks from the Dove batters today, it was a case of getting the game won. After Hawkes edged behind Mick Johnson came to assist Rob Jones and continued to battle. By this time the entertainment had worn off the home fans and the drink seemed more entertaining in the terraces. But to lighten the game up the Woodley captain Chris Wilson had to chase a loose dog off the pitch that just kept evading the wicket keeper. After the dog was finally escorted off the pitch it led to Mick Johnson getting out for 25. This soon followed by Reece Johnson and Rob Jones (40). Jones using all his experience to craft a crucial knock for his team. Captain Pete Johnson (14*) and Tom Green (13*) then saw the team over the finish line. Dove knocking it off for the lose of 4 wickets. Dove have showed with recent performances they can certainly battle with some of the best teams in this league and will hope to travel to Hawk Green with the thoughts of another victory.

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